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Shalom world! Welcome to, a blog created to facilitate the return of the Erverh (African/Hebrew) people to the path of correct relationship with the Creator of the Universe through Torah. In African culture, a totem serves as a emblem or symbol of a group of people such as a tribe, lineage, clan or family. The symbols carved into the totem such as an animal, plant or object of nature, serve as identifiers, attributes and characteristics of a tribe, lineage, clan or family. “” takes its name from the totems of Twelve Tribes of Israel, each tribe having descended from one of the twelve sons of our patriarch and ancestor, Ya’akov (Jacob). Genesis 49 tells how while on his deathbed, Ya’akov gathered his twelve sons and addressed them, describing each of them and what would befall them in the future. These descriptions became their totems which served as their tribal emblems/symbols or identifiers. This practice continues among their descendants in Africa to this day.

The following are the totems of the Twelve Tribes of Israel:

Tribe Totem Tribal Gemstone
 Reuben  Water  Carnelian
 Simeon  Sword  Chrysolite
 Levi  Heart  Emerald
 Judah  Lion  Turquoise
 Dan  Snake  Sapphire
 Naphtali  Deer  Amethyst
 Gad  Warrior  Jacinth
 Asher  Bread and related delicacies  Agate
 Issachar  Wild Ass  Crystal
 Zevulun  Port or Harbour  Beryl
(Ephraim and Manasseh)
 Wild Colt  Lapis Lazuli
 Benjamin  Wolf  Jasper

This blog is dedicated to the restoration of the pre-Exilic Torah culture of the Erverh Diaspora. By “pre-Exilic Torah culture, we mean the manner in which the Torah was originally interpreted and observed by the Erverh (Hebrew) people, Nation of  Israel, prior to their dispersion during the Assyrian and Babylonian Exiles. Our people have never recovered from these tragedies. More tragedies followed us in exile which aimed to separate us from our Hebraic heritage including the Islamic Jihad and Trans-Saharan Trade, Transatlantic Slave Trade, Christian Missionizing of Africans and the Colonization of Africa. It is our hope that through this blog, and other efforts by those in our community to restore our heritage, that we will once again by the people that The Creator of the Universe intended us to be, a light to the nations. May this be soon and in our days!


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