WATCH: The Eʋe’s (Hebrews): The True Name Of OUR God (YHƲH) – Yehu

Shalom, everyone! The following is a presentation by Yehu on how the True Name of the One True God was preserved and kept by the Êuês (“Erhverhs”). The Tetragrammaton “YHVH” is pronounced this video – it is not to be pronounced casually or treated lightly. This Name is also used to describe the people, the Êuês (Erverhs) who worship Him and have worshiped Him as their Supreme Deity for as long as they have been a people. In order to guard this Most Holy Name against casual pronunciation, the Êuês often used the substitute “Mawu,” in the same manner as modern-day Torah communities use “HaShem.”  The Name is also used to describe the people, the Êvês (Erverhs) who are named after Him, as He states in the Holy Scriptures as follows:

“when My people, who bear My name, humble themselves, pray, and seek My favor and turn from their evil ways, I will hear in My heavenly abode and forgive their sins and heal their land,” ~ 2nd Chronicles 7:14

“YHVH” is the Creator of all things. He has both masculine and feminine attributes. He is the God of Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya’akov. He is the One True God written of in the Torah. Contrary to popular to belief, the pronunciation of His Name has not been lost; rather, the pronunciation has been with His people, the Êvês (“Erverhs”), all along:

“And God said further to Moses, “Thus shall you speak to the Israelites: The LORD, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you: This shall be My name forever, This My appellation for all eternity,” ~Exodus 3:15.

The knowledge of an omnipotent Supreme Deity was not introduced to Sub-Saharan West Africa by Islamic Jihadists nor Christian missionaries. The Êuês in this region have always had this knowledge as they took it with them when they migrated to West Africa from the East.

Seeks to re-establish the fact that the God of the Eʋe’s is in fact, the God of the Torah/Holy Bible with proof and evidence.


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  • Original: The Eve’s “Erhverhs” not Hebrews III – The Ancient Hebrew is not Lost! Akwetey Amaah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fFMB…

The Eʋe’s (Hebrews): The True Name Of OUR God (YHƲH) – The Ancient Hebrew is not Lost! – Yehu

Video from Yehu/YouTube


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