History: The Ten Generations from Adam to Noah

Shalom everyone! The following is diagram of the ten generations from Adam to Noah (Noach), based upon the accounts of the Book of Genesis (Bereshith) in the Tanakh, the Book of Jasher, and the Book of Jubilees. Additional information on each generation is available in the table below this diagram:

The Ten Generations from Adam to Noah:

Generation Members of the Generation and their Issue
  • Adam and Eve were the first generation of humans on the Earth. The man Adam was created by YHVH (Yah) from the dust of the Earth. The woman Eve was formed from Adam.
  • Adam and Eve begot six children (Jasher 1:12, 2:1): Three sons CainAbel and Seth, and three daughters Awan and Azura (Jubilees 4:1-8), and one whose name is unknown.
  • Cain and Awan: Cain married his sister Awan and had issue, one son Enoch.
  • Abel: Slain by Cain. Had no issue.
  • Seth and Azura: Seth married his sister Azura and had issue, one son Enosh and one daughter Noam (Jubilees 4:11-13).
  • NOTE: Although in the early years after the creation of the world, sexual relations between first degree family members was permitted to populate the Earth, these relationships are now FORBIDDEN by the Torah.
 Descendants of Cain  Descendants of Seth
Third Enoch: Had issue:

  • One son Irad.
Enosh and Noam: Enosh married his sister Noam, and had issue (Jubilees 4:13-14):

  • One son Kenan (Cainan);
  • One daughter Mualeleth
Fourth Irad: Had issue:

  • One son Mehuyael
Kenan and Mualeleth: Kenan married his sister Mualeleth and (Jubilees 4:14) had issue (Jasher 2: 16):

  • Three sons Mahalalel, Enan and Mered;
  • Two daughters Adah and Zillah.
Fifth Mehuyael: Had issue:

  • One son Methushael
Mahalel: Married Dinah, daughter of Baraki’el, his father’s brother (Jubilees 4:15), and had issue:

  • One son Jared.
 Sixth Methushael: Had issue:

  • One son Lamech
Jared: Married Baraka, the daughter of Rasujal, his father’s brother (Jubilees 4:16), and had issue:

  • One son Enoch.
 Seventh Lamech: Married Adah and Zillah, the two daughters of Kenan, grandson of Seth, and had issue:

  • w/Adah: Two sons Jabal and Jubal (Jasher 2:17-18).
  • w/Zillah: One son Tubal-Cain and one daughter Naamah (Jasher 2:23-25).
Enoch: Married Edni, daughter of Danel, his father’s brother (Jubilees 4:20), and had issue (Jasher 3:13):

  • Three sons Methuselah, Elishaa and Elimelech;
  • Two daughters Melcah and Naamah.
 Eighth No information recorded in the Books of Genesis, Jasher or Jubilees. Methuselah:  Married Edna, the daughter of Azrial, his father’s brother (Jubilees 4:27) and had issue:

  • Three sons LamechEliakim (Jasher 5:35); and Rake’el (Jubilees 4:33).

Elishaa: Also known as Baraki’il, had issue:

  • One daughter Betenos a/k/a Ashmua
 Ninth No information recorded in the Books of Genesis, Jasher or Jubilees. Lamech: Married Betenos/Ashmua, daughter of Baraki’il/Elishaa, his father’s brother (Jubilees 4:28/Jasher 4:11), and had issue:

  • One son Noah.

Eliakim: Had issue (Jasher 5:35):

  • Three daughters Ne’elatama’uk, Adataneses, and Sedeqetelebab (Jubilees 7:14-16). These daughters would marry Noah‘s three sons (Jasher 5:35).

Rake’el: Had issue (Jubilees 4:33): 

  • One daughter Emzara.
 Tenth No information recorded in the Books of Genesis, Jasher or Jubilees.  All the descendants of Cain after Lamech are presumed to have died out in the Great Flood. Noah: Married Emzara, daughter of Rake’el (Jubilees 4:33), his father’s brother, and had issue: 

  • Three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Note: Alternatively, Noah‘s wife is listed as Naamah, the younger daughter of Enoch, Noah‘s great-grandfather (Jasher 3:13). The Jasher account also states that she is the mother of Shem and Japheth; Ham‘s birth is not recorded.



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