WATCH: “CAESAR’S MESSIAH – The Roman Conspiracy to Invent JESUS” (2013)

Shalom everyone! Within the awakening Erverh (Hebrew) community, there are many who subscribe to the doctrines of the so-called “new testament,” which hold that a man named Jesus/Yeshua was both god-incarnate and the messiah prophesied to deliver the nation of Israel from all her enemies. Many of us were raised to believe that the so-called “new testament” was scripture, and taught not to even challenge the ideas presented in the text. But what if you found out the the “new testament” is nothing more than historical fiction and propaganda designed to divide, conquer, pacify and brainwash the Erverh people?

Who wrote the “new testament” writings? Why were the teachings of the “new testament” so radically different from the teachings of the Torah? What has happening in the region politically, socially and culturally that would influence these “new testament” writings? Did Jesus/Yeshua really exist? Was the theology of the “new testament” influenced by other pagan religions widely practiced in the region such as “Mithraism“? When you say you pray to or worship Jesus/Yeshua, who are you really praying to or worshiping? All these questions and more are answered in the following documentary officially titled “Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus.”

It is important that the Erverh community learn the true origins of any doctrine, sacred text or belief system before embracing it. Remember, the “new testament” was a doctrine developed by our Roman conquerors, and then later fed to us by our slave/colonial masters. Do you really think they had our best interests at heart? Was their real aim to save our souls? Or to divide, conquer, pacify and brainwash us to the point where they could strip us of everything, even our dignity, without us even raising an objection? The “new testament” was developed by the Roman Flavian dynasty, and as history has proven again and again, they were not our friends. This documentary will infuriate many, however, it is important that the truth be told.

CAESAR’S MESSIAH – The Roman Conspiracy to Invent JESUS

World’s most powerful propaganda machine, describing how the roman empire invented and forged a religion to subside a nation that would not bend to their supremacy and stayed true to Hashem as foretold His people the Jews. Christianity on this level of enlightenment is just replacement theology all the way through.

Video from beau Milos/YouTube


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