WATCH: Is JC (Jesus) The ScapeGoat? – Moreh Elesha Yisrael

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video lecture by the late Hebrew Israelite teacher Moreh Elesha Yisrael called “Is JC The Scapegoat?” This lecture was given in the 1980s. Moreh Elesha Yisrael demonstrates from the Scriptures why the worship of Jesus (JC) is a grave sin, especially for us, the Êuê (Hebrew) community. Whether one calls him “Jesus,” “Yeshua,” “Yahshua,” “Yahusha,” “Yahawashi,” or any other name, if one worships him as a deity, or equates him with The Creator of the Universe, one commits the sin of idolatry.

Moreh Elesha refers to The Creator as “Yahweh,” a translation of the Most Sacred Name used by our ancestors to refer to The Creator of the Universe. He also examines how Christianity was used to enslave, denigrate, rob and oppress our people, the Êuês (Hebrews), the House of Israel. Christianity stripped us of our true identity and separated us from the correct relationship with The Creator. We cannot expect to rise again as a people if we continue to embrace the false doctrines of our enemies. We must return to serving YAH only and keeping His commandments. Only YAH is Our Saviour and Redeemer. There is no other. It is YAH who enables any leader, king, priest, prophet, or teacher in Yisra’el to bring deliverance to His people. These “deliverers” were never intended to be divine beings. All honor, praise, worship, and glory belong to YAH and YAH alone :

Is JC The ScapeGoat? – Moreh Elesha Yisrael

Video from The House of Yisrael Atlanta/YouTube


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