WATCH: YAH Changes Not – Moreh Elesha Yisrael

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video playlist of the lecture,  “YAH Changes Not,” by the late Hebrew Israelite teacher Moreh Elesha Yisrael.  When did YAH ever say that someone else could die for our sins? When did YAH say we should worship any intermediary to get to Him? When did YAH ever appoint another saviour for His people other than Himself? When did YAH say that His laws, statutes and commandments were done away with? YAH the Creator of the Universe never said such things. YAH‘s laws, statutes and commandments still apply today. We must return unto correct relationship with Him, forsaking all idols, including “Jesus” / “Yeshua” / “Yehoshua” /”Yahusha”/ “Yahshua” / “Yahawashi” / “Haile Selassie” / “Ras Tafari” or whatever name is being used to identify a false, divine “messiah.” Israel is the only firstborn son of YAH (Exodus 4:22-23). Only YAH is Our Saviour and Redeemer. There is no other. It is YAH who enables any leader, king, priest, prophet, or teacher in Yisra’el to bring deliverance to His people. These “deliverers” were never intended to be divine beings or deities. All honor, praise, worship and glory belongs to YAH and YAH alone.

TwelveTotems.org does not support the doctrine that Yeshua ben Yosef (“Jesus” / ” Yehoshua” / “Yahshua,” / “Yahusha” / “Yahushua”/ “Yahawashi” etc.) was the sole Messiah of Yisra’el, neither does our organization support his being a deity or a divine being. The word “messiah” means “anointed one” and Yisra’el has had many “messiahs” and “saviors” throughout our history to bring deliverance at some point in time. Virtually all of Yisra’el’s kings, high priests and prophets were anointed before taking office, therefore they were messiahs and saviors to Yisra’el. We acknowledge that Yeshua ben Yosef was a prophet, teacher, healer, and activist who tried his best to turn the Judeans back to the simpler pre-exilic customs of Torah observance, as opposed to the Pharisaic/rabbinic observance which grew out of the foreign influence of Babylon and Persia. Yisra’el will still have more “messiahs” and “saviors” in the future as YAH’s redemption of our people comes to fruition:

YAH Changes Not – Moreh Elesha Yisrael

Videos from HouseofYisrael http://www.houseofyisrael.org/YouTube



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