WATCH: ISAIAH 53 (The Suffering Servant) – Moreh Elesha Yisrael

Shalom everyone! The following is a video playlist of lecture, “Isaiah 53,” by the late Hebrew Israelite teacher Moreh Elesha Yisrael. Christianity has falsely interpreted Isaiah 53 as a prophecy of a future being named “Jesus”/”Yeshua”/”Yahusha”/”Yahshua”/”Yahawashi” etc.” who would suffer and die for the sins of the Nation of Yisrael and the world. Nothing could be further from the Truth.  Isaiah 53 does not speak of a future divine suffering servant who will die to take away the sins of the world. Rather, Isaiah 53 speaks of the Nation of Yisrael, the Erverhs who will suffer and be brought lower than all other nations because of our sins against YAH. Only YAH is Our Saviour and Redeemer. There is no other:

ISAIAH 53 – Moreh Elesha Yisrael

Videos from HouseofYisrael http://www.houseofyisrael.org/YouTube



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