WATCH: Ancient Pre-Exilic Israelite Menology – 2016 – Bro. Ron Shields/Kingdom Harbinger Ministries #HebrewCalendar

Shalom, everyone! Menology is “an ecclesiastical/religious calendar of the months.” The ancient pre-exilic Israelite community had more than one calendar, the ecclesiastical calendar to track when the mo’edim (YAH’s appointed times) would occur, and a secular calendar to track the rest of the year. Brother Ron Shields, a/k/a “Divine Prospect” of Kingdom Harbinger Ministries presents groundbreaking, revolutionary information with biblical and scholarly references of how the ancient pre-exilic Israelites tracked the mo’edim, and how we can now track this information using clues from nature. What marks the beginning of a month? When do we start counting the months for the year’s mo’edim? This information and more is available in this historic presentation made on July 31, 2016. The seven-hour video playlist of this presentation may be viewed below. Please take the time to watch and learn as this will change your life and help bring positive restoration to our community.

As a result of the information presented in this series of videos, is now in the process of revising previous content about the Hebrew Calendar. This content will be republished once the necessary revisions are complete. All praises to YAH The Most High, and a very big “Thank-You” to Brother Ron Shields, a/k/a “Divine Prospect” for this much-needed research and revelation. The entire Erverh community owes Brother Ron a tremendous debt of gratitude for allowing YAH to use him to bring this information to light!

Ancient Pre-Exilic Israelite Menology – Kingdom Harbinger Ministries

Video playlist from Kingdom Harbinger Ministries/YouTube


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