WATCH: Which Moon is the New Moon? – 2018 – Bro. Atar Ben Yisrael #EhvehCalendar

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video presentation by Brother Atar Ben Yisrael providing much-needed clarification on which moon is the new moon. As Bro. Atar will demonstrate from the Scriptures, the new moon is the full moon. The new moon is neither the dark moon nor the visible crescent moon. On day four of the Creation, how did the moon first appear? Which lunar phase rules the night? Only the full moon fulfills these descriptions.

This is one of the most important tutorials you will ever see. Unless one knows the correct moon to begin calculating the days for the mo’edim, one will observe these holy days on the wrong dates. Please share this post with as many individuals as possible.

Which Moon is the New Moon? – Bro. Atar Ben Yisrael

Video playlist from Atar Ben Yisrael/YouTube


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