WATCH: Enoch’s 364 Days In A Year Mis-calculation – 2017 – Minister Milton Carnes/HCA #EhvehCalendar

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video presentation by Minister Milton Carnes of the Hebrew Congregation of Atlanta, explaining why the Enoch 364-day calendar cannot be used to calculate the dates of the annual mo’edim. It has been scientifically proven that the solar year has a total of 365.25 days. If the community of Israel were to use the Enoch 364-day calendar, within 10 years, the dates for Passover would shift from the Spring to the Winter, and all the rest of the mo’edim would be drastically out of sync with YAH‘s original timing. must admit that for a brief moment our organization endorsed the Enoch 364-day calendar. However, we found that this calendar failed multiple times. The calendar requires intercalation, the addition of seven days every 5 or 6 years to remain in sync. This intercalation extends the year beyond 364 days to 371 days. The best calendar to use to track the timing of the annual mo’edim is the ecclesiastical lunar calendar discussed in previous posts. This calendar does not require intercalation as the Scriptures give us the clues in nature of how to calculate the timing of the mo’edim. YAH‘s word is perfect. Minister Carnes presents this calendar in full detail in the previous post The Feast Days – YHWH’s Plan of Salvation.”

Enoch’s 364 Days In A Year Mis-calculation – Minister Milton Carnes

Video playlist from HCA Video/YouTube


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