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WATCH: The True Origins of the Passover Seder and Haggadah – KhamithiHiburuEthics lmd

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video presentation by priest, teacher and scholar LM Dumizulu of Khamithi Hiburu Ethics on the origins of the Passover “Seder” and the “Haggadah.” Neither the “Seder” nor the “Haggadah” existed in pre-exilic Israelite culture. Both the “Seder” and the “Haggadah” have their origins in the Hellenistic Greek culture, our historical enemy. Many of the rabbis who compiled the Talmudic literature themselves were influenced by ancient Greek philosophers and even more recently, by Islamic culture. The modern Passover celebration has also been heavily influenced by Babylonian culture. Why participate in the rituals of those who destroyed our ancestral civilization? The truth is we do not need any of these customs to correctly keep the Passover mandated by YAH in the Torah.

Khamithi Hibiru Ethics also discusses the “Red Sea” which is an incorrect translation of the name of the body of water through which the ancient passed to escape the onslaught of Pharaoh‘s army. They passed through a “Sea of Reeds” (“Yam Suph”), not the “Red Sea” we know of today. This “Yam Suph” was most likely located in the marshlands near the ancient canals of Egypt. By a miracle of YAH, the Israelites crossed the great green “Sea of Reeds” on dry land to their freedom from the Egyptians.

As we have said in previous posts, there is no need for us, the Êhvêh Nation, to adopt foreign customs and rituals for validation. We have a rich and vibrant ancient culture that was passed down to us by our African ancestors. The ancient Israelites, after all, were black Africans. The celebration of the Passover was the sacrifice of the totem, the lamb (sheep) or kid (goat), which was worshiped as a deity in ancient Egypt. In ancient times, the lamb or kid was slaughtered and roasted with fire on a cruciform spit, a spit shaped like a cross. (Sound familiar?) In Moses‘ time, this sacrifice took place in the Spring shortly after the beginning of the year during the constellation of Aries the ram on the solar calendar. In modern times, due to precession, Spring now occurs in the constellation of Pisces on the solar calendar. This, however, does not change YAH‘s mandate to keep the Passover the way He said, as at the time of the Exodus YAH mandated that this feast be kept according to the ecclesiastical lunar calendar, not the solar calendar. We are also commanded to celebrate this feast on a specific day, based upon the ecclesiastical lunar calendar. We only hurt ourselves, and deny the full spiritual power of Passover by observing this feast at the same time and with the same customs as those who destroyed our civilization. We must return to the pre-exilic Israelite customs of our ancestors, and in doing so correctly keep YAH‘s commandments.

The Jewish HEBREW Passover, A Global Deception?

Video from KhamithiHiburuEthics lmd/YouTube

It is indeed a great shock, a mind numbing and life altering realisation that the phrase Red Sea is not there in the original texts. On top of this many Scholars declare that it was spuriously added. Then go on to lecture us that since it has gained a life of its own this phrase must be believed vide foot notes! No need raising any dust. If You are Black and You participate in these rituals have You Really ditched Your Blackness via Graeco-Roman Table manners and dietary Rituals and habits.
Is it Sinful?
Is it wise?
Is fashionable to participate in rituals of those who destroyed your ancestral civilisation?

At the same time, many Scholars and teachers tell us the Torah is INSPIRED!
But Since there was no Red Sea did the children of Israel celebrate the Passover?
Was There an EXODUS?
The Passover rituals which gave birth to Easter celebrations is followed by millions of black folks today. Again, many scholars prove that the ritual itself and other aspects are not even JEWISH!
How do we therefore to trust it?
We Must scratch them until their true colour emerges.
Thus, this way we find their divine source.
This is what we have done.
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The word ‘Pharaoh’ is mentioned 273 times in the bible but the bible avoids using the names of the Pharaoh’s. his makes perfect sense, when you understand that the bible is a plagiarised version of Egyptian sciences, his-story, astrology and myth. Another reason for these shenanigans is the Vatican’s re-writing of time lines and calendars, in order to fit with their biblical creation account in Genesis, which states than ‘man’ is only 6,000 years old. A European scholar, Immanuel Velikovsky – wrote a book called, ‘Ramases II and His Time’ – he proved that Ramases II and Nebuchadnezzar were contemporaries, even though orthodox his-story claims they were separated by 800 years


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