Music: “Don’t Judge Mi” (Official Music Video) – 2018 – Stephen Graham

Shalom, everyone! The following is the official music video for “Don’t Judge Mi,” a new track by renown filmmaker and author Stephen Graham. The message in this track is on point. Our youth make poor choices because of the environment the elders have created for them. Instead of placing the blame entirely on the youth, let us work at creating a better environment conducive to their being successful, well-rounded, and righteous people in the world. Please watch and share this video, and subscribe to Stephen Graham‘s YouTube channel for future updates. Please also check out the links below for more music from Stephen Graham:

Let’s stop looking to government, and pointing the finger at OUR youths, there are many FACTORS to CONSIDER and REFLECT ON….

Watch, share and Subscribe to my channel.

If WE as a people are going to heal, we must ALL first see where WE as a people have failed. ONLY WE CAN HELP OURSELVES. There is nothing WRONG with FALLING, the dishonour and shame is in being unable to RISE.

Preview, steam, download the album ‘Journey’ from the links below. Support and share.
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“Don’t Judge Mi (Official Music Video) –  Stephen Graham

Video from EP channel – Stephen Graham/YouTube


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