WATCH: “Tarnished Awakening Documentary: Sabotage of the Chosen People” (Spiritual Food) Bible Lesson (2017) – Watchman Reports

Shalom, everyone! The awakening of our brothers and sisters throughout the African Diaspora to their Hebrew (Êuê) heritage continues, but not without controversy. Unfortunately, there are violent ones among us who have tarnished and brought great shame to our people. The term “Hebrew Israelite” has become a dirty word due to the hateful, ignorant and misguided actions of the violent ones. You may have seen these violent ones dressed in medieval warrior outfits, standing on the street corners with their loudspeakers, declaring to the world that they are YAH‘s chosen people; and that they are going to kill and/or enslave our enemies. These violent ones among us organize themselves into camps with easy to remember names with acronyms, also known as the “alphabet camps.”

The alphabet camps utter false doctrines and false prophecies, luring the weak and unsuspecting sheep into their wicked fold. They created a false “Twelve Tribes Chart” that has misled many of our people causing them to fall into sin. They utter racist diatribes against non-Hebrews, slurs against our brothers and sisters the native Africans, and sexist insults against Hebrew women, regardless of ethnicity. They have even “invented” a new language and call it the original Hebrew tongue. They fleece their followers of millions of dollars, all tax-free, because they are set up as non-profit 501c3 organizations. If you have recently awakened to your Hebrew heritage, it is crucial that you avoid these camps, and any other group similar spouting similar hateful, ignorant doctrine, like the plague – they are dangerous camps/cults who will lead you down the road to perdition. YAH sets high standards for His people; the camp groups fall far short of YAH‘s standards, in fact, they are an abomination and a disgrace.

The following is a documentary produced by Watchman Yahu Yisrael and Sister Deborah Yah Yisrael about the dangers of the Hebrew Israelite camps and their evil doctrines. Watchman Yahu and Sister Deborah Yah leave no stone un-turned in exposing these wicked groups for who they really are – agents of destruction to the Êuê (Hebrew) community. This documentary is a must-see for all newly-awakened Hebrews/Israelites. These camps only sabotage our awakening and give us a bad name. Do not fall into the trap of the camps. There is no good future you in these groups, or for these groups in general. Being a newly-awakened Hebrew can be a very lonely experience. Fellowship is important, however, do not seek fellowship with those on the wide path to destruction. There are plenty of righteous and scripturally-sound Hebrew groups available for fellowship, counseling, teaching and learning resources, and communal worship. Most of these righteous groups can be reached via the internet and social media if you do not reside in their locales, for example, Kingdom of Kings Academy, ReBirth/Hebrew Nation Building, Hebrew Congregation of Atlantaand

A special “thank you” to Watchman Yahu and Sister Deborah Yah for this much-needed effort to educate and protect our people:

Tarnished Awakening Documentary: Sabotage of the Chosen People” (Spiritual Food) Bible Lesson – Watchman Reports

Video from Watchman Reports/YouTube


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