WATCH: Building A Relationship With YAH – 2018 – Minister Milton Carnes/HCA

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video presentation by Minister Milton Carnes of the Hebrew Congregation of Atlanta, explaining how YAH says we should build a right relationship with Him: By learning and obeying His Laws, Statutes, and Commandments all collectively known as the Torah! In order to walk in righteousness before YAH, we must study His Torah as written in the Books of Genesis (Bereshit), Exodus (Shemot), Leviticus (Vayikra), Numbers (Bamidbar) and Deuteronomy (Devarim). Those who truly love YAH keep His Commandments.

A Beginner’s Guide

Building A Relationship With Almighty – Minister Milton Carnes

Video playlist from HCA Video/YouTube


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