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Mo’edim and Holidays: Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use the Restored Pre-Exilic Israelite Sacerdotal Menological Model – Bro. Ron Shields

Shalom, everyone! The following is a step-by-step guide on how to use the “Restored Pre-Exilic Israelite Sacerdotal Menological Model” developed by Brother Ron Shields of Kingdom Harbinger Ministries. This guide is very helpful for the Ehveh (Hebrew) community using the ecclesiastical lunar calendar to keep track of the […]

Calendars: The Lunar Calendar – The Moon and the Mo’edim

Shalom, everyone! The ancient pre-exilic Israelites used two calendar systems to keep time: A civil solar calendar for day-to-day civil business and an ecclesiastical lunar calendar to track the monthly and annual mo’edim and the reigns of kings.  In Exodus 12:1-2, YAH commanded the Israelites to create the ecclesiastical lunar calendar for the mo’edim, even before their Exodus from Egypt. This calendar was […]

WATCH: Ancient Pre-Exilic Israelite Menology – 2016 – Bro. Ron Shields/Kingdom Harbinger Ministries #HebrewCalendar

Shalom, everyone! Menology is “an ecclesiastical/religious calendar of the months.” The ancient pre-exilic Israelite community had more than one calendar, the ecclesiastical calendar to track when the mo’edim (YAH’s appointed times) would occur, and a secular calendar to track the rest of the year. Brother Ron Shields, a/k/a […]